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Quelques mots sur moi

Welcome to EverydayCooking, my little corner of the web where I share my recipes.
I am a mom of two teenagers and wife of a wonderful husband. I am a French expat, living on the US East coast.
I started this blog to join the Daring Bakers. I am addicted to cookbooks and cooking magazines. I enjoy cooking new recipes.
My daughter and my son love helping me and tasting new recipes. We have a lot of fun in our kitchen. :)
My interests are yoga, pilates, cooking, baking, I love reading.
I love starting my day with a coffee latte.
My favorite place : le Café de la Madeleine in Paris.
My favorite movie : The Number 23, a 2007 American psychological thriller.
I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy finding new recipes.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Zaza